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Thank you for visiting. My mission here is to scatter the seeds of knowledge for safe living for consumers everywhere.

Have you ever gotten a piece of mail or email that said you may have won a prize? What about a call informing you of winning something big? Have you, at least in the back of your mind, wondered could this be true?


Of course, right? Who wouldn't want to win the lottery and a new car?

Studies at has shown that no one is exempt from growing scams. Fraudsters are always chasing headlines and looking for new ways to steal sensitive data for monetary gain.  

As a writer and puppeteer who have worked in the fields of policing, corrections, and the court system, I am using my passion for learning and sharing facts to help spread  safety tips.

By telling seniors AND everyday consumers like you how various schemes work, my objective is to spread the  latest information for you to be vigilant. 

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Thank you!

Ken Harris



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Cyber Brats Youtube Web Series

My mission with this educational web series is to scatter the seeds of knowledge for healthy living. 

Use of puppets is a fun way to engage audiences!

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